Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

80 Day's in counting...

WOW in just 80 days we will be getting married! I can’t wait but man do we have a lot to do. My dress should be here today, I can’t wait to try it on. I just have to get all the goods to go along with it. We took our FINAL round of engagement pictures this past weekend, so invitations will be going out in the next couple of weeks. One might ask why we have been taking so many pictures and it’s not because we are that vain. Ha-ha. Our hope and plan is to turn the reception into one big scrapbook of Josh and I. So many of the pictures you see will be used in that hefty project. We have a lot of work to get to that point but everything is going along good. It’s crunch time. One of my best friends/bridesmaids back in Florida is throwing a Bridal shower for me the first weekend in Nov. Josh and I will be heading down a few days early to enjoy all of the Florida vs. Georgia pre-game festivities and of coarse to watch the Gators crush some little bulldogs. I’m very grateful for such amazing friends and family. My sister/maid of honor will be having a shower/workshop here in NC for us the next weekend. She’s awesome and always coming up with reasons to eat fabulous food and buy gifts. Josh asked me the other day, “Why don’t the guys get parties like this?” I asked him if he wanted to do all the smiling, thanking, hugging and write all the Thank You cards for all the help and for the gifts or would he just rather enjoy the gifts I bring home. Ha-ha I let you guess what his answer was. I do have to say he really has been great with all of this. He asks me daily for a list of things he can do. He’s pretty much amazing. Well I better get back to work. We love and miss you all. Hope everyone is happy and well.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I hate Tuesday's

For some reason Tuesdays always seem to be longer, hectic and more retarded things happen then typical Mondays. So I decided to take a break from work and look at some funny youtube clips that I thought I would share. No matter how many times I see them I laugh my butt off. Unfortunately, I showed them to my entire office and now nobody is working!! They are watching them over again and then emailing to family and friends. oops. :-) Enjoy...

Friday, October 3, 2008

Free Sarah Palin...

She’s doing just fine being herself! That’s the head title of The Wall Street Journal-opinion this morning.
Now those of you who know me should know that I am usually not into politics, I’m not an Economics major and I don’t claim to be all knowing on the subject. I am a republican and I have been all my life. Yes I am only 24 and have only been able to vote once but I am however EXTREMELY patriotic and my country means a lot to me. I was extremely impressed with Sarah Palin last night. She held her head high and spoke with much confidence. As I said before I'm no expert on the subject but I do know right from wrong. When she was talking about how bad our economy is there were two things that really stuck out to me. She said that (I am paraphrasing) we as the American people need to stop living outside our means and that the federal government need to take a step back and maybe live a little less luxurious. How many times in the church have we heard to live within our means? Budget budget budget! I found it very interesting that she would put it this way. She went on to have many other great points and it was as if she almost took the politics out it and got down to the nitty gritty. I do have to say that I don’t think McCain would be much without her. I know she has been getting a lot of hype about being a hunter and hardcore but my gracious who better to help get the job done that a BA woman with fabulous morals? I’m not sure how many of you watched it last night but you see a huge difference between Governor Palin and butt face Biden. When he would answer/comment it was if he had this sign that flashed across his forehead “Liberal cocky politician”! When the Governor would speak you could feel the spirit, she looked right into the camera to talk to the American people not to Gwen. There are a reason people like her so much. She has that light about her. You know throughout life you meet people, get to know them and you just know they would be a fabulous Mormon? I think she is one of those people. I am very happy to have Mrs. Palin on board with McCain; she will keep him in line, and make a fabulous VP.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Life lately...

A peek into the dance world...

I’m in the mood to be domestic today but as it would be I am stuck at work. So I am trying to put my creative mind to use and get stuff done, that lasted about an hour and my mind has been wandering all day. I think it has a lot to do with this time of year, it’s my ABSOLUTE favorite! I want to cook and be crafty with decorating something. Carving pumpkins, party planning, trying new recipes, exploring outside, and most of all FOOTBALL but I won’t go on my football tangent again. Josh and I have started to eat MUCH better but holy cow is it expensive but I have already started to see a change. Dance is back in for me and eating better has definitely helped. For those of you who don’t know I dance at an academy here in town NCADA and LOVE it. I take everything right now, Ballet, Pointe, jazz, modern & hip hop. It is such a great stress reliever as well as very therapeutic, nothing better then leaping and dancing out after a long day. My plan is to keep it up as long as I possibly can. I know I will have to cut back quite a bit when we get married and have kids I would like to think I could do it all! Tomorrow will be exactly 3 months before Josh and I get married and I can’t WAIT! This has felt like the longest engagement ever. But things are fabulous and planning is going along great. The final round of picking out invitations and getting those sent out by the end of this month is the current goal. My dress should be here by the end of this week! That I am most excited about, and then I can get all of the accessories to go along with. I’m not much of the saying “less is more” especially when it comes to accessories. We have already decorated Josh’s apartment which will be ours soon enough. We are registering for the essentials and josh is having a blast with that scan gun and we are getting some good use out of that “oops” button at Bed Bath & Beyond. Bless his heart. I have to say that I am one lucky girl to have found such a fabulous, puts up with all my Maghen-isms, amazing guy. I am truly blessed. Enough with my ramblings, nothing monumental going on at the moment just enjoying life and all the fun drama of day to day. Hope everyone is well. Love to you all.

Friday, September 26, 2008


Today is Joshua Lee Smith's 23rd Birthday and boy am I glad it is!!! I am a little over a year older then Josh and let me tell you for that month and 11 days it’s CRUCIAL! He reminds me daily that I am two digits older then him. For some reason realizing that I am that much closer to 25 freaks me out. Besides the teasing of being younger Josh is AMAZING! I am so unbelievably blessed to have found him. I can’t wait to be Maghen Ann Smith. Josh thank you for all you do. You’re my other half, my best friend and I can’t wait to spend eternity with you. Happy Birthday Babe! Love you!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Big weekend in Greenville

This was a big weekend for us here in Greenville. For those of you who don't know, we live in a football town home of the East Carolina Pirates!! As anyone will tell you I am a HUGE football fan. You know that little girl from the movie "Remember the Titans"? Yea well thats me just all grown up. I wish I was kidding. I just so happens to be one of Josh's favorite things about me. Not only am I a football fan I am a Gator fanatic! I bleed orange and blue. Guess who is marrying into a bulldog family... yea bring on the family rivalry! I did however recruit Josh to the light, as you will notice in the pictures below he is proudly wearing his Florida Gator's tee! Back to my reason for this post. My office has season tickets to the ECU football games and my boss gave me two of them! These are amazing seats, front row right on the 30 yard line!! This also was a huge game after our upset last week against VT (which was an amazing game) playing number 8 West Virginia (who killed us last year)! And josh had never been to a college football game ever!!! We ended up beating, more like crushing them 24/3 and because of our amazing seats we also made the local paper! Because Josh and I were so into the game we forgot to take any pictures so thank you Daily Reflector for the photo. Just an FYI the gators also crushed the Miami Hurricane's that night as well so needless to say it was an amazing day in football! As for the rest of the amazing weekend we got our second round of engagement pictures back on Sunday. Enjoy!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

3 Years and 2 Months!

3 Years and 2 months since i have seen my dad.  We went to FL to do wedding stuff and a week before we left i called and spoke to my dad and he told me that he bought a beach house on cocoa beach which is close to Deltona!  Thats where Maghen's parents live.  So when we were down there we took an afternoon to go see dad and his new place which was way nice!  Love you dad!



Friday, August 29, 2008

Maghen's Birthday!!!

  So i told Maghen that i would put up a post and as i was looking through some pictures i realized that her birthday had just passed! well the camera died but we did get the chance to take a few pictures and the ones we got were of the good stuff! She got a lot of new fun stuff but probably the best thing was her new snowboard... It's Awesome!!  The week before we had a trip to FL and saw the P.U.'s they threw a b-day party for maghen as well we had a awesome dinner and a cupcake tower with sparklers! 

Thursday, August 28, 2008

How lucky I am

I was going through some old pictures and wanted to share some of the best memories I've had this year! Enjoy...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bloggin 101...

So we have no had our blog for probably 2 months now and we still have yet to write on here! Josh and I were discussing what kinds of things we should write about today. He doesn’t think much happens in our life but drama (not with us, but around us) and I had to explain to him that’s why reality TV shows are so successful. Ha-ha. I thought it was funny at least. Anyway, we are now 129 days from being Mr. & Mrs. Smith and I gotta tell ya we haven’t got much done. But I thinking about it Mormon wedding really doesn’t require that much stuff. A lot of planning and picking of times and such but as far as the wedding goes you get colors, pick your special people, cake, food, photographer, dress, tuxes, rings, decorations, introduce your families, do all the pre-wedding party's, move all your crap in together. Hmmm I did this little list to maybe make myself feel better about not having much done because there wasn’t much to be done but I guess we need to get on the ball. Good thing I have a fabulous hubby-to-be that LOVES to do all this planning & picking out of things. We did go last weekend and get some of our engagement pictures done. My hair was not so hot so we are going for round two this weekend. Our pup Gryffen is growing like a giant which Josh is soooo excited about. We, and when I say "we" I mean josh, I don’t do the vet, took him in last week to have his little boy surgery and just to prove that our dog is a beastly as the hulk, the anesthesia hardly worked on him. He woke up 3 hrs early and the pain medication they gave him didn’t do a thing. He now is back to his puppy ways of biting and jumping up and barking! Only now he is 5 months bigger and can do a lot more damage. Josh is having to re-train so that’s a bummer. All in all he is a fabulous lil guy and a huge part of our lil family. That’s pretty much all for now. We are going too hopefully start posting more of our drama filled mundane life! Love to all.

PS: Let's see if i can figure out how to add some pictures on here.