Tuesday, August 11, 2009

26 weeks and counting...

I am now at 26 weeks and honestly, ready to have this little one. Everyone keeps telling me “oh wait till you hit 32 weeks” or “when you think your belly can stretch no further it will double”. Those promises aren’t thrilling me too much but I guess it’s just apart of everything. I have enjoyed being pregnant, feeling him kick and move, eating whatever I want because at any time, etc. But I am ready to meet this little guy. Hold him, smell him, play & read with him. Josh, I think is just ready to dress him up and make him a “mini me”. Little does he know how much newborns love to get dressed!!!

I’m ready for the adventure to start. I know I shouldn’t rush this time and people say I will miss being pregnant but I'm not so sure about that. I’m not one of those patient people. If I list out the things that need to be done before he gets here, it should be putting me over the edge with stress. My 25th birthday is Saturday (not very happy about this one), we are moving the following weekend, driving to GA for Josh’s sister, Ryan, son to be baptized and see all the family the weekend after the move, I have a baby shower the following weekend in FL by my best friend Melissa, then it will be Josh, my sister Gannon & my moms birthday. Not to mention the holidays that will shortly follow. I have no nursery set up, no diapers or any baby gear for that matter except for a blanket, three outfits & a bassinet (thank you Robin). Considering all that, I still want him to come tomorrow. Ill just think about labor and maybe that will “push” this feeling off a bit. Ha-ha.
This was taken at 24 weeks.