Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I am officially the world worst blogger. I haven’t posted in over 5 months. That’s just sad. It was one of my New Years Resolutions to blog more because it matters & it’s important. Seeing how its February 16th and this is my first post of the year, here is my game plan; blog once EVERY week, even if it’s just a picture. I have two very cute subjects at home so that shouldn’t be too hard right? So here is my post for this week.
A brief update on everyone.

Josh – Besides being an amazing dad and even more amazing husband, he is hard working in school full time. His GPA has never fallen below a 4.0!!! I’m very proud of him. He is a Manny, yes you read that right, every Tuesday & Wednesday for a little 3 year old boy, Nathan. They have the BEST time together. Although he completely wears Josh out the have a very special bond. When we are all together he will only let Josh do things for him, get his lunch ready, help him do things, hold his hand while walking, etc. It’s pretty cute. I can’t wait for Lincoln to get that big so they can wrestle and play. Right now he is a momma’s boy which I LOVE. But he absolutely lights up when his papa enters the room. He had his first real belly laugh with his daddy, after he sang Michael Jackson's "Don't stop till you get enough". Reminds me of a Friends episode when Ross sings "Baby got back"...so funny.

Maghen – After my maternity leave was over I decided to go back to work only part time. I would love to stay home ALL day and be with my little guy but unfortunately living costs money…so I am back at work only 20 a week. Lincoln stays at home with me in the mornings and then he is with dad in the afternoons. I have Wednesdays off, that has become our day together. I’m so grateful that he gets to spend lots of time with both of us, one on one and together as a family. I guess working isn’t so bad. It also help me use my brain for more then sleeping schedules, feeding, diaper changing, appropriate child play, etc. Being a mom is honestly the BEST job in the entire world. I have to say my favorite time is about 1 am when Lincoln wakes up to eat and ends up in bed with me (I know what you are thinking, I'm working on it). Everything is the house is quiet, daddy is asleep next to us and I have the sweetest little hand holding onto my finger, laying against my chest. I live for 1am!!

Lincoln Alexander – This little boy with the most kissable lips, plumpest cheeks (both sets) and a smile that will make you melt in seconds, came into this world November 14th, 2009. He was 7.7 ounces and 19 ½ inches long. There are very few words that can describe just how wonderful he is. A spitting image of his daddy, which I must say I love! He does however, have his momma’s eyes & nose. We love this little boy with all our hearts and are so glad he chose us to be his parents.
Here are a couple of fun things about Linc;

He starting holding his head up with no help around a month ½.

He has rolled over from tummy to back twice but has shown no interest since then.

Hates tummy time unless his daddy is on the floor with him, and even then it only lasts 5 minutes.

Absolutely loves his changing table! We still have yet to figure out why but he could literally lay up there and talk for an hour. He doesn’t mind the diaper change that comes with it either. Getting dressed is a different story. You’re only aloud once to put something over his head and the same goes for his arms. After that he lets you know how he feels about it.

He has discovered his hands and loves to watch them open and close. He tends to watch the left one more. Maybe he is going to be a lefty?

If the T.V is on he will do whatever he can to watch it. No matter what contorted position he has to be in, his eyes will find that T.V.!!

Just recently he has started to grab things, again more with the left then right but we are working on it. Of all the toys we have received and purchased, those rings that link together are his favorite. I guess its one of those you buy a kid an expensive toy and he plays with the box it came in.

Lincoln is a pretty good sleeper although we are trying to get him in his bed at night. He goes down in between 9-10pm and sleeps in his swing while its still. Then he gets up around 12-1am for a snack then he usually ends up in bed with mom. I think the biggest problem is I’m not ready to have him in his bed. He is already growing up to fast!! But when he gets up at 7am and has his daddy time, those are the best 2 hours of sleep I get. He also has reflux and the swing holds him in a very good upright position. One day soon I’m just going to skip the pack-n-play in our room and put him in his crib. One day…

I could go on and on about my boys but I think that catches everyone up for now. Stay tuned for some mini updates, i.e.; Valentines Day, our first snow and some fun pictures.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

In the mood...

Being patient isn’t something that comes easy for me. Being pregnant and it being summer I feel like I come up with 5 new excuses a day for summer to be OVER!! I haven’t always been like this. I used to love summer; I grew up in Florida for goodness sake. But I can officially say right now I couldn’t wish summer away fast enough. So I sit at my desk and think about all the fabulous things I love about fall. Here is what I am in the mood for and get giddy inside just thinking about them;

College football – Watching Gator football games literally brings Goosebumps from head to toe. Pirate football has been an experience I will never forget and I will be proud to call ourselves “Pirates” this time next year. It’s not quiet the same as the swamp but it has a special place in my heart.
Season Premiers - I’m not sure why but it always seems as if the BEST shows come on in the fall. SYTYCD (being my favorite), Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, The Bachelor, Burn Notice are just a few of what I am looking forward too. New Moon – Yes I am one of those addicted Twilighters (as is Josh but he wont admit it) and I can’t wait for this movie to come out. I’m hoping for it to be longer then Twilight but we shall see. The only bummer about the release date of the movie, its one day after I’m due… Halloween – This is probably my most favorite holiday ever!!! Second is Christmas and then 4th of July. There is something so fabulous about Halloween. The smells, candy, colors, costumes…it’s so great! I have to say since living in NC and seeing the 4 Halloween stores go up around town starting in July it just makes it that much better. I’m not into the scary Halloween’s but the cutesy kind. I also think one of the reasons I love Halloween is because that’s when the Gators play the Bulldogs and it’s ALWAYS a huge football weekend. What more could you ask for, Halloween & college football all in one!! Holiday Decorations – With being so impatient also comes with wanting to change things frequently. Being able to do this October through January is just simply amazing! I am one of those who will buy those little nick knacks and plates for ANY holiday. I think we need to add more Holidays throughout the rest of the year.

Leaves changing – After living in Florida my entire life moving to places where the leaves actually change and you get all 4 seasons its pure magic! I honestly don’t think I could ever live in a place where I can’t get all 4 seasons! The trees here are AMAZING and makes you want to stand outside and sing like you are in a musical. Pumpkins – It’s amazing to me what this veggie (right?) does! I mean think about it, what other vegetable is more popular or famous during a holiday?!! Decorating with them, carving, pumpkin seeds, soups, cookies, costumes, the list goes on and on! Hot Chocolate – Lets face it…nothing beats hot dark chocolate on a chilly day. Morning, noon or night!
Fall Clothes – I am usually one who is all about the beach on a hot day but THIS year I cant wait for it to be freezing outside, being able to put on jeans (post baby) my fuzzy boots and a long sleeve tee and wearing a different scarves everyday of the week!

Lincoln Alexander Smith – This is probably the thing I am MOST in the mood for. I can’t even put into words how ecstatic I am to meet my little man. To see him with his daddy, I have a feeling he isn’t going to look much like his momma. That’s ok because I’m a pretty big fan of his daddy. He is moving so much these days and it just makes the wanting to see him that much worse. I feel so blessed to be able to be a mother. Still I think the thing I'm scared of the most is labor but hopefully I will be stronger then I think. If not someone please take care of my poor hubby. :-)

Just looking at my list again makes me smile. I think its time to switch to a fall sent for candles and such!!