Friday, August 29, 2008

Maghen's Birthday!!!

  So i told Maghen that i would put up a post and as i was looking through some pictures i realized that her birthday had just passed! well the camera died but we did get the chance to take a few pictures and the ones we got were of the good stuff! She got a lot of new fun stuff but probably the best thing was her new snowboard... It's Awesome!!  The week before we had a trip to FL and saw the P.U.'s they threw a b-day party for maghen as well we had a awesome dinner and a cupcake tower with sparklers! 

Thursday, August 28, 2008

How lucky I am

I was going through some old pictures and wanted to share some of the best memories I've had this year! Enjoy...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bloggin 101...

So we have no had our blog for probably 2 months now and we still have yet to write on here! Josh and I were discussing what kinds of things we should write about today. He doesn’t think much happens in our life but drama (not with us, but around us) and I had to explain to him that’s why reality TV shows are so successful. Ha-ha. I thought it was funny at least. Anyway, we are now 129 days from being Mr. & Mrs. Smith and I gotta tell ya we haven’t got much done. But I thinking about it Mormon wedding really doesn’t require that much stuff. A lot of planning and picking of times and such but as far as the wedding goes you get colors, pick your special people, cake, food, photographer, dress, tuxes, rings, decorations, introduce your families, do all the pre-wedding party's, move all your crap in together. Hmmm I did this little list to maybe make myself feel better about not having much done because there wasn’t much to be done but I guess we need to get on the ball. Good thing I have a fabulous hubby-to-be that LOVES to do all this planning & picking out of things. We did go last weekend and get some of our engagement pictures done. My hair was not so hot so we are going for round two this weekend. Our pup Gryffen is growing like a giant which Josh is soooo excited about. We, and when I say "we" I mean josh, I don’t do the vet, took him in last week to have his little boy surgery and just to prove that our dog is a beastly as the hulk, the anesthesia hardly worked on him. He woke up 3 hrs early and the pain medication they gave him didn’t do a thing. He now is back to his puppy ways of biting and jumping up and barking! Only now he is 5 months bigger and can do a lot more damage. Josh is having to re-train so that’s a bummer. All in all he is a fabulous lil guy and a huge part of our lil family. That’s pretty much all for now. We are going too hopefully start posting more of our drama filled mundane life! Love to all.

PS: Let's see if i can figure out how to add some pictures on here.